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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clothes Shopping Yesterday WTF ?

Fatskinnygirls post inspired me to post this about my shopping experience yesterday . I have one pair of shorts that fit me right now . The rest are either too big or too small. These last 10 pounds i need to get off to be where i need to be.
Anyway , I went to a couple places and everyone i guess thinks that everyone can wear shorts that come up the crack of your ass for one . They are SO SHORT.
So i went to target. Found some capri's I liked. I right now am in a 5/6 I grabbed a pair that size and one the next size up just in case. TOO SMALL ??? ( Scratching my head ) Ok I know its that TOM But ok.. So i grabbed a 8 TOO SMALL . WTF ???
FINALLY a 10 Fit me .. MY DEAD ASS will i put on a size 10 again !! STOP dont give me no shit about " I wish i was in a 10 " that's like those of you being in a 14 now putting on a 20 ! " Imgaine ! Of i your in a 20 wearing a 24 "
ITS NOT HAPPENING im telling ya !! So be forewarned Targets sizes are JACKED UP !! LMAO


  1. You sure you weren't in the juniors or something? Either that or Target has it in for smaller women! :(

  2. I may have been in the jr's but even in Jr's I can still wear smaller than a 10 ! Bastards ! My sister who wears a size like 0 says she has to wear like a 3 or something there ?
    Ya know now that i think of it they were not in the Jr's section . I was trying to think... So no .. They must REALLY hate normal sized people LMAO

  3. trust me I just went to target last week and b/c I had size 14 from Old Navy I thought I could go shopping there. HA! Tried on a pair of size 17 juniors capris and they were skinnnnnn tight. so...yeah Target is messed up.

  4. LMAO Kendra, I wear a size 5/6 from Old Navy so I agree Target sizes are EVIL !