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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tip of the Day: Healthy Super Bowl Party Recipes

Here are some healthy super bowl party recipes. Ok I should have posted them a day or 2 ago but you have pleanty of time to run out to the store ! SO hut, hut, hike ...... (Click on link for more recipes )

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes and Menus

Featured Recipes: Southwestern Layered Bean Dip, Swirled Cheesecake Brownies, Chile Con Queso, Boneless Buffalo Wings

25 Super Bowl recipes to make your game-day party delicious and healthier.

We all know that Super Bowl Sunday is not just about the game—it’s about the food. But pass on the store-bought snacks and take-out food —they’re loaded with fat and sodium.Try our easy Super Bowl recipes for healthier homemade chips and dips, like Chile Con Queso and Chile-Lime Tortilla Chips, which pack less than half the calories and fat of traditional versions of Super Bowl favorites. Or try our healthier Boneless Buffalo Wings, chili recipes and desserts so you can still enjoy all your favorite Super Bowl party recipes. Regardless of who wins the game, you’ll score points among your fellow fans with these healthy Super Bowl recipes.

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