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Thursday, September 18, 2008

SO, Lap Band doesnt work huh ???

I get this call from my dad today " Hey can you come over to the shop real quick" I said yeah sure . So i go over there and he introduces me to this lady , she asks me some questions about the lap band. Says " How much have you lost" I told her . Asks if i have had any issues ,I said no, told her about my fill issues, being sensitive to them that was it as far as "issues" go . She tells me " Well you look great I have lost 50 pds on my own " I told her that was awesome. So I leave.
I asked my dad at the game " was that lady interested in the lap band is that why you had me come over ' He said' LOL NO Actually she was running her mouth saying Lap band doesn't work , she know's someone who had it and it does not work blah blah that people always have issues when they have it and you can ONLY lose weight the " RIGHT" WAY , so I Told her REALLY My daughter has lost over 100lbs w/ the lap band and she said YEAH RIGHT " So that's when he called me to come over . He said' It pretty much shut her up as soon as you got out of the truck !!!!
That might have explained her eyes popping out of her head when i got out of the truck !!
Priceless I tell ya'll it was PRICELESS !!

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  1. That's awesome!!! You know - I lost 50 pounds on WW a few years ago too...guess what, I gained it all back and then with the band - I have the extra help I need. I'll never be fat again (said in my Scarlett O'Hara voice).