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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Baby Has a Girlfriend ?

What ? Yeah ! I found out last week my 16 yr old son has a GIRLFRIEND !!! WTF ?
First off ok I need to be eased into things. He just started driving in July , Ok no biggie, except he really had not interest in driving many places ! WHEWW !! OK I Know it was not going to last LONG but i can hope and enjoy it while i can !!! So the one or two times he DID Go somewhere I freaked ! But Ok that's what mom's do right ? I did ok . THEN Basically the next week , he tells me " you know those home coming mum things ( this is the NIGHT Before homecoming BTW) ya think i should get one of those for my girlfriend ? " Ok , FIRST OFF YES , Second WHEN THE HELL Did you get a GIRL FRIEND. NOW , do not get me wrong , she's a sweet girl ( so it seems now lol)
Very cute , seems very nice, very polite . I like her ( Lucky for her LOL) But To go from driving, to going out on a date to finding out a girlfriend in basically the same week , THAT is enough to down a mom !
Im still getting use to this whole thing. Doing ok with it. But I have to tell ya . It scares the living SHIT Out of me . My son is the same age I was when i got pregnant w/ him !!
Do ya'll have ANY IDEA how freaky that is ? OMG .. I need more antidepressants for this !!

NOW do not get me wrong he is a good kid, So far he's a great kid, polite, respectful. He even asked the girl friends parents permission to take her out .
But I just need time to adjust to all this . LOL
So excuse my RANT !!!!

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