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Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh how I love thee band ....

I really love my band !! I have had my ups and downs w/ it . I have probably had more unfills than fills , at the very least the same amount of unfills as fills.
But my band just ROCKS !!!
So i was totally unfilled on 6-10-08 due to swelling and acid reflux from a PB episode.
Went on vacation and gained 10 pds in the total time i was unfilled. I was refilled on 7-31-08
So 21 days total ? 10 pounds gained .. YIKES !!!
NOW dont get me wrong gaining STRESSED ME OUT BIG TIME !!! Even thought I "Knew" I would get the weight off. It was very uneasy to be gaining. Up until this point i have never had much of a platea or gain. I think the longest I went w/ out a loss was 3 weeks.

SO I go for my fill on the 31st and I weight in today ( Mondays are my usual weight in day ) and Im down 4 lbs !!!! HOW Awesome is THAT !!! My band totally rules !!!
NOW IN all fairness my doc has a strict Post fill diet, more so than most . BUT I follow it !
Its 3 days of clear liquids
3 days Liquids
3 days mushies/purees
3 days semi solid foods ( Mechanical diet I think is what he calls it )
Then solids.
I know your thinking CRAZY WTF ? His rational for it works for me . He explains that every time you get a fill your manipulating the stomach ( its an invasive procedure ) So the stomach needs time to heal and allow for swelling to go down . That makes 100% sense to me which is why I follow it !!
Every doc is different though . I know your thinking well no wonder you lose. YES I Lose , i use to lose a pd a day during my post fill days. Not anymore. It slowed down now.
BUT Every POUND I have lost during this time i have kept off !! So it works !!

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