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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reality: 5 Days Post op

I am 5 days post op from my sleeve to bypass revision . ( If your keeping track this is my second revision ) 
I am having one of those , what have i done to myself moments/days . All day I have been uncomfortable , severe back pain , one minute my feet are cold , the next my arms are cold but feet are hot, the next I am freezing all over , EVERYTHING requires so much effort .  This surgery has by far been the most rough . The bypass itself on top of a hiatial hernia repair is ROUGH . It requires 2 pillows behind me ( one being a body pillow ) one under my legs, one on each side of me to just sit or sleep ! I go in to sleep and am almost asleep and hubs  starts snoring ! UGH. He's done so much for me i dont have the heart to kick him or elbow him in  the ribs like i normally do . So one by one I bring all my pillows out to the couch ( that's all I can carry ) and situate myself out here , and cry ! 
This is one of those surgeries that after your third like mine I feel like people probably do not have 
alot of sympathy for me , probably for good reason , frankly I dont care, it does not take the pain 
and soreness away from me !

What is the point of this ? Well for one I need to get this out because crying hurts like HELL right now . The second point is after leaving several  " revision support groups today " I want to say this.
I am on my third weight loss surgery , not by choice but my necessity, to live a longer, healthier life.
That being said With the help of my docs EACH time EACH Surgery I made what we thought was the best choice for me . I do not think NO ONE SURGERY is THE answer for EVERYONE.
If I hear " why didnt you do this surgery , why didnt you do this is the "GOLD STANDARD" Its THE Surgery , you wont have to have another. First let me tell you SHUT THE HELL UP ! ( To me espicially ) The "Gold Standard" 15 yrs ago was bypass, the "gold standard" 10 yrs ago was the band your GOLD Standard is what you think is the best surgery for YOU .. So dont give me or anyone else any SHIT about questioning what surgery I had or why I did not pick YOUR Gold Standard.
That being said I firmly believe everyone should be educated about ALL surgeries , they should choose with THEIR Doc what is best for them ! Do NOT QUESTION ANYONE ABOUT THEIR choice , honestly its like asking someone " OMG why did you name your kid THAT name " its THAT PERSONAL ! Leave your opinions to your self, if you want to know info , gain insight anything like that FEEL FREE , contact me ! Im over the  " Why didnt you choose this surgery " .

People need to know reality , People need to know not EVERYONE Is able to go back to work in 3 days ( which BTW people who say that I think are full of shit ) . People need to know THIS HURTS
just as much as they need to know the good parts . I'll write to you about the good parts when I get to them , im still at the I hate my life dont screw with me stage !! LOL

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