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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lap Band Vs the Sleeve , the differnces

I have had a lot of people ask me what the differences are between the sleeve and the  band since i had had both surgeries. So I will go through the "rules" of the lap band and explain what if anything is different .

The Band
1. Eat 3 smaller meals a day
2. Focus on nutritious foods
3. Eat Slow and stop when you are satisfied
4. Avoid high calorie liquids
5. Eat High Protein meals.
6. No drinking while eating
7. Avoid throwing up

The band reality
1. eat 3 small meals a day if you dont throw them up
2. the band eventally makes it difficult to eat nutritious foods. Pain after eating and throwing up from being "stuck " prevents this from happening
3. Eating slow is all you can do , if you eat fast you will get stuck , throw up and be in pain . That one bite maybe too much for you to handle and it puts you over the top as far as "full "goes so you throw it up , sometimes uncontrollable !
4. This is funny to me. Avoiding high calorie liquids. Eventually that is all you can eat . Once your to the point of only being on liquids what choice do you have than to drink high calorie foods ?
5. Again , Laughable to me . Protein eventually wont go down . Its too dense , too hard to digest , it gets stuck and you are in pain for hours or puke it up .
6. This is one of the rules that was not hard for me , If I drank and ate i was in SEVERE pain !
7. Did i mention puking is the WORST thing you can do with the band, it will cause you to slip .

The Sleeve
1. I can eat 3 or 5 meals a day depending on what I am doing
2. I am able to eat just about anything with the sleeve, I do not eat bread , rice or pasta, it still causes me pain from when i had the lap band.
3. eating slow and stopping when your satisfied is easier with the sleeve, it allows for more wiggle room than just that " one bite too much "
4. I have not much desire to drink high calorie liquids after living on them for 6 months.
5. Protien is my focus now . Its easy to eat protein  , I can eat about 3-4 oz of protein per meal if its dense.
A cup or 1.5 of food total .
6. I still do not eat and drink
7. no puking, I was in the hospital for a week post op due to swelling and have not thrown up since then.

Bottom line the sleeve works the way the band was suppose to , but never did .


  1. What an interesting list of comparisons. My list for MY lap band is similar to your sleeve list. I can eat all foods but almost never any pain. I'm at 7.5 ccs in my 10 cc band. Congrats on your successes with your sleeve :)

  2. I am glad ur band is wworking . Many pps bands are failing and they need help

  3. My band worked for the first 18 months after that it was down hill . 50-60% of patients band's fail them now . I had no place to turn when I was trying to get my band out . I'm trying to help anyway I can . So many ppl told me my band issues were my fault and that is just not thecase . I jhope ppl have luck if they have the band I don't wish the issues I had on anyone !