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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Skinny Tee's ... do they work ?

A couple of days ago I made a comment on the Skinny Tee's  Facebook page . The comment was not meant to be ugly in anyway , however it was a comment I believe to be accurate. The comment was " I think i said this before. I would be MUCH more willing to buy these if they were shown in a realistic woman's shape .. the fact that I believe you said you would show them in " curvy " models and all the pictures are of a stick thin model really turns me off. It does not show me what the T can do for " real " Women , which is a shame I was really hoping to see realistic shapes on women to see what it could do ." 
By that I meant on the website they show a thin woman in all the pictures .  It is hard to tell if the Skinny Tee's actually do what they say they can do . 
Skinny Tee's website says the following about the Tees:
"Skinny Tees is a collection of tanks and tops for fun, flirty and fabulous women. Started in 2009 by fashion industry veteran Linda Schlesinger, Skinny Tees was created to quell woman’s most essential need and hardest fought fight…the search for the “perfect tank!” The line began with just a handful of colors and one simple, but perfect, one-size-fits-all style. Soft, seamless and fitted, Skinny Tees shape, flatter and frame the body whether worn alone, layered, over or under clothing. With over 60 colors and over 20 different body styles including tanks, tees, tops, skirts, dresses, bandeaus, tights and active wear Skinny Tees fit any occasion."

After my comment the company was nice enough to send me 2 samples to try . A Cami and a tank .
I wore the cami around the house for several hours and wore the tank to work today under a shirt.
I have to admit I was prepared not to like these, I had in my mind what they would not do .. however I was pleasantly surprised..  I am pretty pleased with them Even though they are one size fits "most" they are not super tight, they were comfortable to wear. NOW as for the "Skinny" part to be honest that is hard to tell on me right now because I am over weight  , BUT I am anxious to see how the " one size " works as My weight comes off after surgery .. I can say it probably trimmed me up a little for lack of a better word " sucked" me in a bit where i needed it .
Again I am anxious to see what they do as my weight comes off . Over all I really liked them , they are very comfortable. You would think with them being one size fits most they would be tight on someone who is large like I am , but they are not. Also the best part for me , you do not get " flat boob syndrome " like alot of shape type wear items give you . That happens usually because they are so tight , too tight they flatten your breasts out . I did not get that with Skinny Tee's .

After I lose a little bit of weight I would love to get a pair of their Yoga Pants . Considering the cami and tank is so comfortable i bet the yoga pants are VERY VERY Comfy ! I am a HUGE sucker for yoga pants ! 

Over all I really liked them !! Thanks Skinny Tee's for the chance to try them out and to do something that is hard to do ..prove me wrong LOL !! 

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