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Friday, November 23, 2012

Hunger, its a Jedi Mind trick !!

9 days post op and I am not yet " hungry " by that I mean I am not yet wanting food to eat because my body tells me to . I have decided hunger is a Jedi Mind Trick !! Im "eat" ( drink i should say ) things when I think I should be hungry . When I have not "ate" something for a long time or I realize its lunch or dinner time I THINK i have to eat because I should be eating. In all  honesty Im not " hungry hungry " my body telling me its time to eat because my stomach needs it.

There is the good part about the sleeve, they cut out the good portion of your stomach that produces a hunger hormone. Some people do not get hungry for months, years some never get the " hunger" feeling back. Going on weeks now with no food I SURE AM glad its gone right now . At this point in my lap band surgery I wanted to kill someone for some food . I was also ALWAYS hungry when i had my band, I mean ALWAYS ! I guess its better to want food and not be hungry than to be hungry all the time and NEVER satisfied ??


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