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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Laser Hair Removal Treatment #12

I did another treatment today w/ my Silk N SenseEpil Laser hair removal system.
I am a little late on this one .. But I am in the process of moving . UGH!

I again did the highest level .

My Under Arms: I would say the hair is 75-80% Gone now . And what is left is very fine and not that noticeable . I shave about once a week and probably do not need to do that , but its kind of hard to get out of the habit as goofy as that sounds.

Upper Lip: I would say same progress 75-80% gone as well. What is left is the corners of my lip if that makes sense ? And i can go now a few days with out shaving and feel comfortable with that.

Bikini Area: I did not feel like doing today . Probably 50% Less hair growth .

My chin: The big fat pain in my a$$ ! Nothing to do with the machine but its a pain and I knew it would be . I would say there is probably 50% Less growth, But not enough to shave less than every few days. Its just too noticeable on the face. But I am seeing progress. So I am happy with it , I did know it would take time w/ my chin!

Still happy with how things are moving along .


  1. Sounds good...I'm glad you are still making progress!!!

  2. Thanks girl ! i have considered trying it every 3 days or so on my chin to see if that would help ? But not sure if I should ?