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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fill tomorrow filled w/ anxiety

I have an appointment tomorrow for my first fill in a year ! Actually over a year. I am very nervous, anxious and worried. Since my stomach issues have not been 100% resolved I am not even sure my doc will give me a fill ( although fairly certain he will ) However, I still worry about getting this fill.
What if I slip my band again ? Im fairly certain if I do i'll lose my band.
Mostly I have to start over again . Over eating the "band" way , over as if I just got my band.

Not to say that is not a good thing. I do need that. Obviously I cant do it with a fill or with out the band Or I could not be sitting here 30 or 40 lbs heavier. But its a scary prospect to start over again .

My docs protocol has always been 2 days clear liquids 2 days liquids 2 days mushies 2 days semi solids after all fills anyway . So i have to go that route as well . Before when I was getting fills on a regular basis , no big deal but after not doing it in nearly 2 yrs really , it makes me anxious !

Luckily my friend is going w/ me to my appointment, she's a patient of my doc as well. But its all very anxiety ridden .

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