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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surrender , Stick a fork in me , Im Done , What Ever...

You want to call it ! I told the hubs tonight , either I get a personal trainer or I get a fill, you take your pic, you pick what comes out of your wallet , but something has to happen, change ! Im slipping further and further back into old habits, larger sizes, and more and more weight is coming on ! I cant , wont and refuse to let it go on anymore.
Depression is setting in , excessive shopping is coming out to make me feel better.

So what did he chose ? A fill ! Cheaper for his pocket book !
Im going to talk to my surgeon , explain to him what is going on with me medically and see if I can try a small fill to control my hunger. I think he'll be ok with it.
I'll have to be extra careful to not throw up , PB ( YES People PBing and throwing up are the SAME thing and WILL make you slip your band ) since I have slipped my band twice already . So I am most likely going to go next week or the week after.


  1. Omg, Mindy, I had NO idea you'd been having problems! I had stopped living the bandster life for a while and writing on my blog (or reading others') and had to get back on the horse myself (originally lost 75 pounds, regained 32). I'm so sorry it's been like this.

    I have to tell you, I just started the 17-Day Diet (there's a book). I know, I know, we got banded so we didn't have to diet, but my problem is that, when left unchecked, I eat shit. On top of that, last year I went through a VERY depressing, VERY long (6 month) plateau and I am telling you, I was doing EVERYTHING right -- eating well, exercise 5-6 days a week, etc.

    This "diet" is a normal plan (I outlined it on my blog) of good eating, but what he does is shake up your metabolism so you not only lose, you don't plateau. All told, it's about 6 or 7 weeks long, but I'm sure for me it'll be longer since I have about 100 pounds left to go. I also bought with it the 17-minute dvd with a few different routines that are 17 minutes long, to be done twice a day.

    He swears you will lose 10-15 pounds in 17 days (granted, he admits a lot is water weight, but still -- it's weight!). Certain foods are unlimited (proteins, "scrubbing" vegetables), and the only things that are limited are fruit servings (carbs) and probiotics (yogurt, etc.). If you're interested, contact me and I'll direct you to their site.

    I also read your moderation statement! Who the hell would be mean to you??? WTF is up with that?? The only problem I was having was Chinese people spamming my blog, but I don't notice that anymore. :/

  2. Hi Beth ! Its good to see you again ! I will check out the diet book. Im not opposed to "Diets " if its healthy eating that someone can maintain and its not about restriction ( ha funny coming from a banded person LOL )
    My main problem is I have been totally unfiled for over a year. Im hoping just a small fill will help me . I Have just been waiting and waiting to try to get these medical issues under control but I cant afford to wait anymore.
    I have a couple good work out DVD's at home but I am just not motivated to do them , there is just no commitment there for it, and it pisses me off I wonder what the hell is wrong w/ me , why cant I just do it !
    We are about to move and once we get settled in I am going to find some kind of yoga class or something. Cheaper than a personal trainer but something , i need the "Commitment " to go to and it will keep me honest !
    As for the comments ... basically someone wrote something along the lines of " Try not shoveling food into your face ! " something along those lines but meaner !
    So after that I started moderating !
    Thanks for checking in on me i'll check out your blog , I know I got away from reading everyone's myself , which is part of the problem .

  3. Aw, I'm sorry about the loser asshat that acted like that. I'm hoping it was just somebody skimming through blogs who came across yours and not one of your members. :(

    I'll tell you what: When you get settled, get hold of me and we'll do this together. The thing I have NOT done yet is get moving. I had such a hard last semester that I was COMPLETELY sedentary. If I wasn't at school, I was driving to and from school (65 miles round trip) OR I was doing homework. I figured it out one day that I was on my ass 16 hours of the day. :( And because of the stress, I was hitting the school vending machine and the sliders.

    I did the pouch test right before Christmas, and that helped me with my portions; but I'm one who has always done well with food "plans" (do-able plans) instead of just winging it. This plan, so far, looks VERY do-able. And once you get where you want, he allows for one day a week to do whatever you want, from what I can see (I've only read through the portion of the plan that I just began -- I figured I'd confuse myself if I took it all in at once).

    But if you need an accountability buddy, you can always contact me. You can get me on my blog or on FB.

    I hate that you've had such problems with your band. I think when I quit blogging, your band had flipped for (I think) the second time. Too many people that I know are having troubles. Two people from the old LBT site are having major issues, with one who had to go in for an emergency removal and reinstallation, and another right now has been told she needs to have her band removed, but she's refusing -- and the last week or so she can't hardly get anything down. It's scary. :(

  4. I'll check the diet book, thanks for the recommendation.