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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Ashamed, Embarrased, How did I get here again ?

I am so ashamed and embarrassed of myself right now. As i sit here unable to sleep I realize I am slipping back to old behaviors and habits. Not only physically but mentally. I am frustrated with the weight I have put back on , the health issues I have had and mostly the light that just does not seem to stay on in my brain to keep me motivated ! Why do some people have the drive and get up and go to work out and stay healthy and be skinny and I do not ? I AM going to do this . At this point a fill in my band is not possible. With the Crohns disease or what ever is going on w/ me I throw up often . So I have to head off this weight gain more than I have , or at least try . Im worried though , I could not do it before . What if I cant again ?


  1. Hang in there...I know that you can do it! :)

  2. Don't beat yourself up. Without a fill in your band, you are just another dieter trying to do something that 95-99% of people can't do. It's going to be hard and even though it seems like other people are doing it and doing it easily, appearances can be deceptive.

    It's a really hard thing you are trying to do and you should give yourself credit for that!