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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Question Answered ......

I guess at least one of my questions were answered last night . The doctor NEVER CALLED ME BACK ! One thing that makes me even more angry , is the nurse told me when she asked him to call me " I asked him to call you back , I told him your miserable"
So if that cant get a call back from this guy he can kiss my ass ! I am however going to send a letter to him and his office letting them know that I do not appreciate spending $200 for a 20 minute office visit and another $1200 for a colonoscopy to be told to come back in 10 YEARS for another conlonoscopy and that was it . NO other follow up , nothing else. He knew damn well the kind of pain and issues I was having and a damn procedure was not going to fix it . It was to find out what was wrong w/ me , so when the colonoscopy did not show anything, then the next step is to find out what is going on , what else can be done. NONE Of that happened. NOW I have to start over again !


  1. You need to look very closesly at the foods that you are eating. If your eating processed foods, foods loaded with chemicals then your doing nothing but poisoning yourself. Chrones, IBS etc is curable with diet. Look up Paul Nison. Many, many dieseases can be cured if you give your body the nutrition that it 'needs'. Even if your doctor gives you something for your conditions, he is doing nothing but treating the symptoms, you need to treat the cause. Research Paul Nison, Ann Wigmore, Angela Stokes, David Wolfe, Matt Monarch, Kevin Gianni etc. Dr. Vanessa Fritz is a highly recognized doctor in the Austin area who can help you overcome these problems. You would never be treated like this under her care.

  2. that doctor is a douche! I hope you get it figured out soon....

  3. Anonymous , I published your post even though I suspect its an advertisement for this doctor. Mainly because I wanted to address the word you threw around " Cure" . If this doctor can "CURE" IBS, Crohns disease she would be a miracle worker ! There is NO KNOWN DIET To CURE Crohns OR IBS ! There are certain foods that can help manage it , some foods bother IBS and CD patients more than others but each patient is different ! So I would be very cautious in throwing around the CURE WORD ! I have had migraines since i was 11 . People have told me they can CURE that too !

  4. Rahshell, I got a call 2 days later from the nurse saying " i need to come back in " Yeah NOT Happening ! I'll find someone else !

  5. No, it's not an advertisement for this doctor, simply the one that my sister is seeing. I haven't had to see a doctor in 7 years. If I were to advertise for a doctor it would be Kelly Parcell in Denver, CO who was the last doctor that I have seen. I'm simply saying there are other options than western medicine. A living diet can make a huge difference in someones life. You may think the stir fried veggies are good for you and yes, they are better than McDonalds, but you've killed all the good nutrition and enzymes by cooking it. Ok, so I won't say 'cure', perhaps no more symptoms? Disease can not grow in healthy tissue, that's a scientific fact. I personally suffered from celiac disease, asthma and severe allergies. I went the gluten free diet at first for the celiac, but it didn't help much. Dr Parcell was suggested by a friend and 4 months later I was no longer taking medications for anything including the allergy shots I had taken for 16 years. Was it cured? Well, I've been symptom free for almost 8 years, so call it what you will. I'm simply saying think outside the box, do the research yourself. Julie Hoffenberg is another good as is Victoria Boutenko. Penni Shelton has a great website (rawfoodrehab) with a media room containing movies that are wonderful, including Victoria's. I'm not vegan and I'm not 100% raw, but at least 80-90% of my diet is living foods and I consume absolutely NOTHING that is processed or out of a box. Why would I want to eat a box of something that is full of artificial flavors that are required to make the stuff taste the way it's supposed to? Have you seen the movie Food Inc??? It was on Discovery not too long ago. It's your body, your health of course you should do what 'you' feel is best, but unless you try you'll never know. See another doctor that will just dole out a pill, which may cause other side effects to which of course you'll need another pill. It's how the pharmaceutical companies make their money after all. Look up A Poisoned World on Youtube. Like I said, I'm just saying really do the research on this. No need to yell and tell me there is NO this or NO that. I have my opinions and you yours. I'm not saying DON'T do this, this WON'T work. I only said you need to look at what your actually eating and gave you several helpful people to start with. Paul Nison wrote a book that may be of interest to you and he has a ton of Youtube video's. You seem like the kind of person who will take the time to actually research things, but at the same time very defensive and close minded. I was only trying to help, choose any other doctor you wish, but really think about choosing one that will treat YOU and not just the symptoms with a pill of chemicals. Food for thought is all.

  6. I understand what your saying . And Agree with what your saying for the most part. I think instead of telling someone "you need , you need" it might be more affective to suggest to them or say " you might want to look into ". Your approach is a little abrasive. And to call someone you do not even know closed minded is not really appreciated either.
    The fact of the matter there is no known cure or known diet to treat Crohns disease. So I took offense to you saying " CURE" , remission yes . But it might just be a matter of symptomatic. So many times on the net there are patients, doctors etc that will go on blogs websites etc pushing themselves or docs on people or trying to put a "plug " in , that's what I assumed you were doing. Sorry for that.
    Anyway , For the most part I do what i can to not eat non processed foods because of my migraines, I admittedly can do a better job at it than I do . I have seen the movie food inc, it really changed how I look at food. I do things like only buy organic milk now , for my family ( I drink Almond or rice milk now) and buy organic chicken ( That chicken stuff was nasty on Food Inc ) . Despite what you may think of the little you know I am an open minded person and I will look into the suggestions you offered. I would rather not take some kind of pill or have a surgery if i dont have to .
    Thanks for the suggestions