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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I may be gettting closer :

I had some more labs emailed to me today . Although I like the fact that the labs are emailed they do not come w/ much of an explanation . Luckily I have several friends who are nurses who can help me understand. The doc is going to call me tomorrow to help explain things to me . But this is what the lab explanation said " These antibodies can be seen in patients with bowel disorders like Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. She should share this information with your GI doctor. This gives us more evidence and information that the bowels are important part of her condition at this point. "
and "Saccharomyces cerevisiae IgG antibodies are found in
60-70 percent of Crohn disease (CD) patients and
10-15 percent of ulcerative colitis (UC) patients.
Saccharomyces cerevisiae IgA antibodies are found in
about 35 percent of CD patients but less than 1 percent
in UC patients. Detection of both Saccharomyces IgG
and IgA antibodies in the same serum specimen is
highly specific for CD." (I have both antibodies )

So in other words he's pointing towards the fact that I probably have Chrons disease as well as the arthritis that goes w/ it . I believe its called IBD arthritis .
He still wants me to go in on Friday for the biopsy of my foot.

So it seems we may be getting closer !


  1. Glad you are getting closer to some answers....but wish it were something more simple. ((HUGS))