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Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Lab Work is in :

And its normal ! My CBC, Metabolic Rate and C reactive are all normal .
So I am not sure what to think at this point. I am happy nothing has come back seriously wrong , but frustrated they cant find an answer yet.
Friends and family are calling and saying " Hey look up this " it sounds like that is what you have. The problem my issue is probably an auto immune issue and all auto immune issues have nearly identical symptoms ! So I have not really been looking into anything. Its just too overwhelming . There are a few things that I did look into before ( I decided to stop LOL) that may have some substance to them.
So I will bring them up to the doc when i go back . I go in Friday for the biopsy of my foot.
So we'll see .


  1. strange! hopefully your rheumatologist can figure out what's going on. keep us posted on what happens...thinking of you and hoping you feel better. :) Laurie

  2. I hope so too Laurie , Thanks ! When I go back I am going to give him the info you gave me .
    Especially if I have no answers by then.

  3. I hope they figure it out for you quickly!