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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Medical Issues Stress

I have been away for a while and I wanted to say hello and really get this off my chest.
Im quite stressed, worried etc. Let me explain . About a month or so ago I noticed a "bump" on the big toe of my left foot. I did not think much about it , i thought it was a corn or a bunion .
It slowly got a little bigger. A few weeks later I noticed a bump on the next toe over but it was under neath my toe ( from the bend of your toe to where your "foot " starts) If that make sense.
So by now im thinking I need to go get this looked at. Im still thinking its from walking around barefoot or wearing flip flops a lot. So I go to the doc and by now its been a total of 2 or 3 weeks and these bumps are now on ALL of my toes on my left foot. My docs answer " WOW I dont know what that is " ! Nice thanks here is your money ! (im kidding of course )
So he sends me to a podiatrist . The podiatrist says he's not 100% sure what they are either. They look like they could be ganglion cysts but those usually are on the top of your feet and not all in the exact same spot on your feet. By now ( its been a week since i have seen my regular doc ) These things , bumps what ever they are , are now on my right foot , the big toe .
So he tells me these are probably either ganglion cysts or some other kind of soft tissue cyst. He sends me to go get an MRI . Ok fine . At this point im thinking I will get these cut out and be on my way . I go today for my MRI results. Well GUESS WHAT , they still dont know what the hell they are . The MRI Shows an "inflammation " but he says its not an inflammation because these things are hard. My toes are starting to become deformed and i have to walk funny because of it. So he asks me " do you have anything else going on , maybe we are missing something "
I tell him these things :
Im tired all the time ( I associated that w/ the fact that there is something odd on my feet )
My feet ache all the time ( same as above )
My feet and hands go numb ( But I recently upped my dosage of topamax which can do that , but that should have gone away by now )
My right hand is numb, I cant grasp things and it hurts all the time ( I wrote that off as maybe carpal tunnel )
So he tells me given these things all together we might be dealing w/ something else. A friend who is a nurse also tells me this could be an Auto Immune disorder or something . Arthritis or something along those lines.
So at this point I still do not know what the hell is wrong w/ me . The doc was suppose to call me back today to let me know where we go . But he did not so I will call him first thing.
I really needed to just vent, get this out.


  1. I am thinking about you and praying for you.

  2. Awww...Im so sorry. Ill be praying that they find out what the heck it is sooon!!! im sorry you are going through this.

  3. Thank you Mary and Bandita ! I go to the doc tomorrow ( Monday ) Hopefully I can find some answers !