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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Ok So what's been going on . The Short of it is ..

As i said we finally got moved in . Its been stressful .
Its stressful living with my parents. Let me let you get a mental picture of this set up of an "Apartment" LOL . ( Actually i will probably take a picture later ) Above their garage they have a room , it has enough room for a queen size bed, computer desk, futon and a chair. THAT is where I am living with my youngest son . My oledest son is staying down stairs in their extra room. So my younests and I have to come down stairs for the bathroom and to eat.
When Jason is in town ( hubby) he's up stairs with us too.
Now my dad loves to cook, and normally is home early from work or works when he wants ( he has his own company ) But because of the job he has going on he's working 12 hour shifts. Im not the biggest fan of his cooking. He does not use hardly any fresh veggies , just does not cook the way I do .
SO I told my mom , can I cook if you know dad wont be home. Was not sure if he would appreciate that or not. All last week dinner was ready when both of them got home from work. Not only did mom like it ( she's trying to lose weight so she likes my healthy cooking ) dad seemed to really appreciate it .
My mom would rather have my whole wheat pastas, breads, ect.
So things SO FAR are ok.
My dad has a bad habit of bringing home crap to eat. Donuts, cakes, ect.
So im having to watch it. Im still been able to maintain 140 pretty easily . But I am not comfortable with 140 as a "goal" , "final" , Im done number for me. I would be much happier with 130 I think. Someone who found my blog is suppose to have surgery with my surgergeon next week I believe , after that I get 2 free fills for a referal . So I will go get a slight fill and try to lose these last 10 pounds AGAIN !I swear these last 10 pounds are the death of me.

Im also thinking MAYBE i just need to get off my ass and just start walking, working out , doing something and I can get these last 10 pounds off like that and maintain it . I like the way I am eating now. Its not a lot , its a little more than "usual" but its good. So we'll see what i decide.
Cant tell ya'll how good it is to be back and be able to spend time on here and catch up on everyone's bloggs !

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