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Friday, March 20, 2009

Your too skinny , Stop losing weight ! SHUT THE *UC* UP

NOW my vent. MY MOTHER is pissing me off. Let me tell everyone right now , If you know some one who's losing weight( which is probably everyone reading this now ) dont tell them " You need to stop losing weight" UNLESS you think they are in danger of being anorexic or something. Every damn time i see my mother now she tells me " You dont need to lose more weight , You need to stop losing weight " her BEST ONE " If you lose more weight your FACE is going to be SAGGIER "
NOW Im not opposed to someone saying " Are you at goal yet you look great " and if someone says " No i have 5 more pds to lose someone saying " Well I think you look great the way you are " That's Fine for me . But DONT TELL Me " Your TOO Skinny You need to stop losing weight when im not even at my damn goal yet !! I have 5 more pds to lose to get to my MEDICALLY Supervised SET Weight loss goal . GET OFF MY ASS !!
I just think its aggravating to hear it every time i see her now .
I personally dont see skinny , let alone too skinny , and will never see WAY Too skinny but I realize that I dont see what other see. SO I AM and will stop at my goal weight. Sorry i had to vent !

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  1. Vent away, dear. :)

    Sorry to hear it. I think a big part of it is that others are used to us being so fat for so long that when we lose weight and start getting into normal ranges, we look "too skinny" to them.

    But "you'll make your face SAGGIER"??? WTF?? Wow... THAT hurts...