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Saturday, February 28, 2009


My 16 yr old had his first Varsity Track meet today .
His coach told him he could be on JV and Dominate or Be on Varisty and BE dominated !
They did not have very many kids to be on varsity . So My son said I would like to try Varsity , he's a sophomore.
SO today it was WINNNDYYY as HELL . 30 MPH winds.
My kid gets out there and takes 3rd out of about 20 kids !!!
The coach hears his name announced over the PA as taking 3rd and he goes up to my son and said " DID YOU TAKE 3rd !!! " My boy says " YEP Sure did , SO MUCH for being DOMINATED HUH Coach " The coach says " I'll be damned , Good job Boy " LOL

I thought that was cute !! He did REALLY Well. He normally throws over 130 ft. His throw that got him 3rd was 104 !

Damn wind !! Thought i would share though !


  1. My father was a coach and my brother was a really, really good basketball player.
    I heard them say a hundred times that to get any better in a sport, you have to play with kids a level above yourself.
    He will not be pushed to be any better if he dominates.
    He made the right choice.

  2. I think so too. I think the coach gave him the choice to see what choice he would make ! He told the coach yesterday when he handed him the medal he earned " what do you think state will look like coach" LOL the coach laughed and said " the sky's the limit my boy"
    So i think he did make the right choice he's already throwing 10 feet further than he was 2 weeks ago !
    Thanks Eileen !