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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Review: My Fitness Coach for the Wii ( DAY ONE )

I have a Wii and the Wii fit. LOVE it all. The only thing i don't like about the Wii fit work out routines is there is no " routine" . You have to start and stop start and stop .
So i asked hubby for the My Fitness Coach for Christmas. I had heard the Jillian Michael's one was crap so i did not even bother.
So I used the Fitness Coach for the first time last night . The first thing is does is ask you to do a fitness evaluation . OH BTW you do NOT need the Wii Balance board for this .
Anyway , it asks you to do some exercise to assess your fitness level . Jumping jacks, Sit ups, push ups, ect. It also asks you what equipment you might have to use at home. Balance balls, dumb bells, heart rate monitor ect. You check which ones you have to use and it incorporates that into your work out. Then you do a stretching move to test your flexibility . So after you do that it tells you what it thinks you should work on . It gives you options of cardio, flexibility, strength training and a few others i cant think of . It will then ask you how many days a week you want to do the work out and for how long. Then you begin the work out . I did 15 minutes of cardio .
I really like how you can do a full 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute cardio work out non stop and not have to keep selecting things like on the Wii fit . The work out I did was not easy . It was probably a jazzercise type routine . it was not easy at all . My butt muscles hurt today from it , and my legs.

So over all I really like this so far. We'll see how i like it tomorrow night when i do it again .


  1. I didn't know you could get my fitness coach for the WII. I have it for my nintendo ds and is good as I have a pedometer and it plugs into the ds to count how many steps I have taken and works out calories burnt and distance walked and so on, I will look out for it on the WII, I do have WII fit and I guess for me at the moment those short little work outs are enough for me (when I actually use it)but when my fitness levels increase it wont be enough, I didn't really think about that untill I read your post. I think when you enjoy somthing that's half the battle won, I hate the gym and had to force myself to go, so the smallest of excuses and I wouldn't go, but I enjoy the WII fit and when my house is finished I will be getting it out and actually using it which should only be a couple of weeks away.
    Good luck with your workout tomorrow here's hoping you enjoy it as much as the last one.

    Zena xx

  2. I did not know you could get the game for the DS. I have a DS. I might have to check it out LOL.

    If you can do the Wii fit now you can do the Personal Coach game.
    The game adjusts according to your fitness level . So it starts out easier then you do another fitness assessment later on down the line and
    you can increse the difficulty.
    I want to play with it a little today , I think there is yoga on it.
    I enjoy the games more than anything on the Wii Fit . And yes enjoying it is half the battle.

  3. It's called my health coach for the ds. click on this link and you will see it, it's half price at the moment in the shop that I work, lol typical.

    it's a big link, if you can't click on it, copy and paste.

    I have looked around for the WII game but we don't have it yet in the UK. I guess that's why I didn't know there was my fitness coach for the WII, as the shop I work in is very up to date.

  4. I use WiiFit now and its great. Was wondering what the My Fitness Coach game was like and might get it now that it's gotten a good review from you. :-)

  5. Hi Mindy,
    I have to admit...I can't recall how I found your blog (forgive me and my almost 50 year old brain!). But, now that I'm here...I'm so happy that I am. What a great blog and what a super motivation you are! Your pix are amazing!
    I had my surgery in August 07. I'm still working on that 100 lbs but that's okay (well...most days!).
    I look forward to spending time catching up with your old posts and reading your new ones!
    What fun!

  6. Thanks Judi I am glad you like my blog. When i have bad days I just come here and read comments like yours and it makes me feel so good ! ya'll are the BEST !