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Friday, January 2, 2009

Is that normal ?

Im wondering if some things are normal . You ever wonder if YOUR normal of things you do or happen to you are normal ?
What got me thinking is since this last slight unfill on 12-18 i have gained about 5-7 pds ( depending on the day ) I crave sweets and just plane crap now . So in about 2 weeks I have gained say 6lbs . that's a lot to me . SO im wondering , do "normal" people do this ? Do "normal" people gain that much weight over the holidays ? Do normal people want to eat junk and sweets all the time ?
I dont crave that shit when im not unfilled or need a fill.
Also , that's quite fast to gain that much . Is that normal ?
I KNOW IM not normal . I have known that for quite some time. But Im just curious , is what happens to me when i start eating carbs and not have proper restriction normal ? If not then what ever happens to me is why the hell i got fat !


  1. Of course it's 'NORMAL'.... lol whatever normal is. I think it's a case off, have you heard of the expression 'when the cats away the mouse will play'. I reckon it's psychological, since I have had my band I have not craved any sweet things at all, I am not saying I haven’t had anything sweet, just not craved any. I think it's all in the mind as you haven't got proper restriction it's like giving yourself permission to be naughty as you know it's just a small window of opportunity until you get your restriction back, it's like having a little food holiday. I have to say, I think you are wonderful and I am in ore of your lose as I am of many others on here too, If I do so well..... well I can only dream x


  2. That's the thing. IF you go for any length of time w/ OUT restriction the hunger, cravings for sweets comes BACK ! it SUCKS. WITH restriction i have non of that . the hunger is not all in the head . I would say about 30% of it is. But with out restriction I Am hungry ALL the time. My family when they are around even comments on it . That I can eat a meal and 20 minutes later eat another one . Food holidays for me are NOT good I gain and gain quickly . So i know not to try to eat . That's my point , how can i gain SO MUCH from eating just small portions of carbs. That is NOT Normal !
    Thanks you are doing great keep up the good work !