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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Woman missing on Cruise Ship May have jumped due to body image .

I only wanted to share this story because i have heard that people think this woman may have jumped off this ship because she was not happy with the way she looked after WLS.
This concerns me greatly . The story also says she was bipolar.
But It bring up a good point , people do not talk about what happens after you lose weight. how you might feel, look after the weight comes off. I can tell you that someone asked me once to "take off the skirt on my swim suit" basically saying " OH YOU Have nothing to hide" your a size 10 ( at the time ) . But what that person did not realize is that my size 10,8, 6 ect body NOW USE to be a 24 . Just because someone looks good on the outside does not mean they feel good all the time.
it takes time for your fat self to catch up w/ your thin self. Dont assume that because someone LOOKS like a size 6 they feel that way ! Does that make sense ? Im not saying you should not compliment them , but I think alot of times ( I have done this too) people see " thin" and jealousy kicks in or envy kicks in and they think " what do you have to complain about bitch you are a size such and such at least you have lost the weight " . But people need to keep in mind we still have the same feelings !
I still do not see a small or tiny person . I dont think i ever will. I am just now seeing a "smallER" person . And i can tell you that what is under my clothes is NOT what appears with clothes on !
I have saggy boobs , ( they look like 2 wet tube socks ) I have a saggy apron around my waist that needs to be cut off, I have saggy arms , and I have saggy skin on my thighs !

My point with this ..... Sometimes things are not what they seem and people are not as happy as you might think JUST BECAUSE they lost weight !!!
So dont judge !


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  1. Very, very good post. I understood exactly what you are trying to say!