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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doctors Visit Today Unfill

Doc said my fill level looks good. But he said from my last PB episode and sinus drainage ( from trying to get sick right now ) that between the 2 its just not working for me and obviously causing me problems .
He asked me " So you want a total unfill for the holidays " I said " HELLL NOOOO " LOL He laughed and said " thought i would ask " I asked him about my weight and my frustration w/ feeling like not being able to eat . He said " I understand how you feel but your SO Close , lets get the last 11 pds off , that will give you some wiggle room and once we get you to goal you wont need many fills and wont have the issues of needing fills and unfills and going back and forth"
So i was ok w/ that. He thinks this next fill might be my last .
OH and this was SO Nice, they asked me before he saw me if I wanted to do it under flouro i said I would " prefer to not have it done because of money " i got in there and we started talking and he said lets take a look at your band under flouro " On the way out I went to pay for the flouro he said " NO NO Its not charge consider it a Christmas gift " So that was a relief i only had $250 left until Monday when Jason got back . So that left me some money .

So Hopefully i can keep from gaining a bunch of weight and go back after the holidays and have one or maybe 2 more fills and be at goal !

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