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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sad News Today

I am DEVASTATED ya'll . I am not a "animal " person , not ever been much of one. But
I took my older "fatty catty" Angel to the vet today , she had this goo coming out of her eyes.
So i figured it was allergies or something. No biggie, take her to the vet , get some eye drops and we are done.
I was NOT Prepared for what they said.
She has cancer . The goo coming out of her eyes is most likely fluid being pushed out of the tumor in her throat , being pushed out of her sinus cavities ! The cancer is in her throat and its pushing her tongue to the side and its probably many many other places too . They said they can run a ton of tests( money i dont have to do that with )
But even doing that there really is not much they can do or would do . She would be in too much pain just from the treatment !
She's old ( 14) . SO really our only option is to put her down now , before she gets into more pain ( She is probably in some now but not a lot ) or wait until she starts being able to not eat ( She already cant eat dry food now ) .
Im so upset. My 7 yr old is a MESS, He cant stop crying and he cant even Look at Angel w/ out crying. He's asking me things about graves for a cat , if we can get one for her.
OH Its horrible !!!

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