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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Issues again ?

I hope im not heading towards another unfill. I think i will be on liquids for quite some time . All of a sudden my band is tight again .
I had an episode of PBing that was not fun not too long ago . thought i was OK and ate now I might be in a cycle. So Im having to watch it.
Im drinking hot chocolate right now to try and open my band up so liquids go down a little better. they are going town but i can feel them. So im going to stay on liquids through the end of the week at least. Which means no turkey day dinner, maybe some potatoes if I feel ok that day .
Not sure why i do this ? I will be ok for quite some time after fills then this happens.
Its so odd.
Also this is something interesting. Before my total unfill if i got stuck it was coming back up no if ands or butts about it . I could NOT stop myself from puking.
(sorry TMI )
It has been part of my issues w/ my band being so sensitive to fills.
NOW after this refill after being unfills If i get stuck I actually get stuck .
I can be stuck for hours now . its very strange how all of a sudden that kicked in .
Im actually not complaining about it , I would rather it do that then throw up all the time , I risk slipping my band by throwing up all the time.
But i find it interesting after over a yr my "stuck" button all of a sudden works.


  1. Never too much information!! All this helps newbies like me:) I had my first fill a couple of weeks ago and I really don't feel any different....go figure. I have another one on the 16th Dec and I suspect it will be a different story then! I laugh when you call it the "unfill"....sounds like a sequel horror movie to the "undead"!! lol

  2. Glad I could be of some help Nola.
    Sometimes it can take some time for fills to kick in , it can take up to 2 weeks for them to kick in , It can also take time for you to gain restriciton . So good luck , I hope your next fill does it