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Monday, November 24, 2008

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

HA gotacha thought i was going to talk about food huh ?
NOPE not this one. Ok if any guys read this ( and i dont think they do ) I just have to say SORRY now . Because I am going to say right now that ya'll are some scum sucking bastards ya know that ?
Really ? Why do people, men get married if they are going to cheat ?
NO NO NO Its not MY HUSBAND , I'll cut his Jimmy off if he does.
But in the last MONTH ( probably less than that ) I have had 3 of my friends husbands cheat on them . SERIOUSLY ! NO SHIT ! What the HELL ? Get a divorce you " I want to have my cake and eat it too low life scum suckers "
And ANY woman who would have an affair w/ a married man WELL I dont think I should post the word for them on here !

I told my husband when we got married " I got 2 deal breakers I WONT Tolerate you EVER Hitting me and You cheat on me ONCE it will be the LAST TIME cause i wont give you another chance ! "
I honestly think once you cheat the trust is broken and I dont think you can ever really get that back . I have had boyfriends cheat on me , Actually every one I ever had w/ the exception of ONE and my husband .
And its NOT a good feeling and something I wont put myself through if I can help it.

SO My point. What the HELL IS Wrong w/ People.
It really makes me wonder, get paranoid sometimes. I wonder if MY Husband WOULD ever do it. Some of these men who have cheated " OK DAH No shit he's cheating" But some I was floored ! My DH would be one everyone would be FLOORED.

I just dont get it !

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