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Saturday, August 9, 2008

No restriction? So close to goal . Aggervated

So here i am about 30 pds to goal . After my total unfill and my 10 pd GAIN I basically was set back 2 months . I had my fill about 2 weeks ago . My first fill since being totally unfilled.
I do not think its given me any restriction . Which does not make a whole lot of sense to me since i had restriction w/ my FIRST fill ever w/ the band . But what ever . I guess it might be different after you have had the band for a while ?
So Im going to wait another week or so and try to see what happens w/ this fill . Typically my fills have kicked in by now . By a week out they I either have it or I dont , and I always have it .
I have never NOT had restriction from a fill .
I feel like im eating all the time, I cant afford to gain anymore weight. For ONE If i go up a size I HAVE NO CLOTHES !! I give all my clothes away as soon as Im out of that size.
Im a bit frustrated I wanted to be at goal by September . More frustrated that the weight is CREEPING OFF NOW more so than ever. I know i dont follow my own advice or im not feeling that way now .
I feel like on the few message boards im on that i dont get a lot of support when it comes to NOT losing weight. I feel like people think " YEAH Shut up bitch and stop whining , what do you have to complain about you have already lost 100 pds in a yr " So I dont feel I get much understanding now that I am not losing . Its not different than anyone else that is not losing or losing slowly . I am so close to my goal. w/ my PCOS I almost wonder if my body wont say " SORRY This is enough " You dont get anymore "
That's my pitty party for today .

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