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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are YOU ready for some FOOTBALL ?

I have to say I am SO Excited this yr . My oldest son is a sophomore and on his high school JV football team . I LOVE football first off , Love HIGH SCHOOL Football , LOVE College football , I know more about football then most women and some men ! I LIVE For game nights and we go to the Varsity games just because we love it so much !!

Last night was the "Grid Iron Moms " Dinner , meet the coaches, be "seen" basically .
OH BTW Im in Texas. ya ever seen the movie Friday Night Lights. THAT IS Texas football for the most part. So Half of high school football is politics !

Last yr though I did not go to the Grid Iron Dinner. I was too embarrassed, did not want to embarrass my son by having his fat mom there either !! This yr I was glad I went.
Im going to join a few other moms who paint the signs for the team before the games and decorate the locker room for the boys before the games. I NEVER would have done that a yr or so ago . So im excited more than ever for football season .
So BE PREPARED to hear about LOTS OF Games and see LOTS OF PICS This season !!!

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