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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Facts about my surgery

Today was my nutritionist appointment for my surgery . I was suppose to have my pre op today but the doc had to reschedule so i go back tomorrow. I thought for the most part today was going to be repetition from when I had my lap band , but I did learn some new things . Some of the eating habits and ways that I will have to eat with the sleeve are different . For one because of the issues I have had with my band and the removal I most likely will have to double the amount of time on the post op diet. For instance instead of being on liquids for 2 weeks I will be on them for 4 . ( Piece of cake since thats all I have lived on for months anyway lol) Also with the sleeve I will have to take supplements for the rest of my life now . ( Multi Vitamin, B-12, B-1 and Calcium I think that's it )

So here are some interesting facts about the surgery ... First off ... 80% of my stomach will be cut out . My stomach will now be about the size of a highlighter !
Second 2-6 months post op my stomach will be so small the amount of food i will be able to eat 3 times a day will fit in this ....
An Altoids container . CRAZY huh . This is MUCH MUCH less than post op with the band . But I am ok with it . At about 6 months post op my food will fit on this .
A tea cup saucer . Meals should take me 30 minutes to eat , This amount of food even should take me 30 minutes to eat , I need to chew my food slowly and take very small bites. My husband asked me if i was ready for this . I will answer that the way I did with the band. Im ready for what I know is coming. I know I cant be prepared for everything. This surgery is going to be rough I think , recovery is going to be rough but I am as prepared as I can be. Am I ready to eat very small amounts of food ? Yes . Good quality food ? YES. I am just ready to eat FOOD .


  1. I just read all of your posts recently, Mindy. Yea for you! I am so glad you are getting so close!!!!!

  2. thanks ! I am too , its getting real , anxious , exciting and nervous !

  3. I'm so excited for you! You will love your sleeve!

    I don't agree with the 30 min meal advice though. Food starts leaving a normal person's stomach at around 20-30 minutes so you could be eating a full 10 minutes past the point where food is leaving your stomach allowing you to get more in there. And our stomachs empty faster after surgery. I find 15-20 min. is my sweet spot where I feel full and get good restriction.

  4. The doc was much more.fleixable it.seemed with stuff than the nut . the doc said for post op diet it will all depend on how I'm tolerating it , it all depends on me , so he would prob be the same on the 30 min rule , I don't mind that one it was the same for the band