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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I dont know how much longer I can take this ?

How was my day today ? HORRIBLE ! Why you ask ? Shopping . Should I go on  ?
Let me tell you what it is like for me to shop right now . Im not asking for a pitty party but I am so sick of being over weight AGAIN !
I go to JCP to get some cloths for a trip I am taking in a few days. At this point i have One pair of jeans and one pair of shorts that fit me , one nice shirt and the rest of the time i wear t-shirts.
So off to JCP I go ..... Here is the problem .. first off I went up yet ANOTHER DAMN SIZE ! Im nearly back in plus size clothes again . When I shop for pants/ shorts I have to wear a size larger than what i probably really need .... why ? Because of the FAT Apron that is around my waist .  Im not talking a muffin top either so dont give me " I have a muffin top too " ! If I would not die of embarrassment i would show you ! In order to get a shirt to fit me I have to get an XL in order to fit around my arms. THEN it hangs off my chest , because I have no boobs anymore .. OH and dont forget it has to be loose enough to not show my fat apron around my waste.
Which leads me back to pants. They have to fit a certain way or my fat gets pushed up , its more noticeable and I have to get an even BIGGER size shirt to fit.
SO what did i end up with ? I pair of capris with elastic around the waste and 2 shirts ! ELASTIC ! WTF !!
I realized the section i was Shopping in was full of old ladies too ! I grabbed my shit and left ! SOMEONE SHOOT ME PLEASE Or give me $12,000 for a revision !

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