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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blood work came back

And I am begging to think I am crazy ! It said i was not allergic to anything ! Not even dairy which I KNOW I am lactose intolerant . I dont know if that means Im allergic or not ? I am going to try to do what the doc suggested for a while and see how that makes me feel . But to be honest I really do think people think I am nuts. I really thought this doc might have some thing for me , but I had to call 4 times for my results. The only thing i can do it keep going back ?

So I am going to start trying to eat as healthy , fresh and non processed foods as I can . Shop at Whole foods and see if that helps . When I first got my band I really felt good because I ate better than I ever have. Since my 19 yr is at college now my grocery bill SHOULD be a little less and I might be able to afford to eat that way .
So we will see !


  1. I had allergy skin-testing a couple weeks ago. I reacted to all of it and that at a minimum means I am sensitive to those foods. My son has hives and bubble guts to dairy but blood test says it's nothing, skin testing gets a full reaction. Don't let the blood tests make you feel crazy, my baby was 11-16mo when I had to deal with the stupid docs thinking it was all in MY head

  2. You can be lactose intolerant without being allergic to dairy. Lactose intolerant means you don't make enough lactase, an enzyme that digests lactose. Being allergic means the proteins in dairy give you hives. Being lactose intolerant is MUCH BETTER because it's less dangerous (allergies can kill you) and you can take things like Lactaid if you want to eat dairy anyway.

    I'm only mildly lactose intolerant so I just live with it. I drink soy milk instead of regular and don't eat a lot of ice cream and I'm fine. But if I couldn't have cheese and yogurt, I would look into lactaid.

    I had allergy tests and I was only mildly reactive to juniper and ragweed. I was quite surprised because I had all the symptoms. Well, guess what? My allergies were all caused by GERD! Over time, they have lessened and lessened (as I lost weight and stopped having acid reflux and heartburn) and now I'm off my allergy meds.

    Maybe because of your lapband issues, you are also experiencing some GERD? I didn't have heartburn until near the end so that's why I didn't realize I had GERD.

  3. Oh i have not doubt I am lactose intolerant ! Just ask my husband after I eat it LMAO So I am trying to stay away from it ! IF i had insurance i would go get allergy testing. I do not have acid reflux anymore. Thanks y'all.
    I have since had a falling out w/ the docs office that ran those tests I wont go back ! I have come to the conclusion that until I get insurance that I wont get any answers !