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Monday, February 21, 2011

Laser Hair Removal Treatment #9

I did another treatment last night with my Silk N SenseEpil machine. This is treatment #9. I ramped the dial up to the highest level which is 5 .

The areas I did were the "usual" under arms, chin , upper lip , bikini area and my stomach ( Pregnancy hair line I'll call it ) .

Under Arms: I would say the hair on the upper part of my under arms is nearly gone .
I do not have to shave there at all anymore.

Chin: Well this is a work in progress I know this . Its getting better. I think there is less and less hair each week . I'm good with that.

Upper lip : Progress is actually pretty good here, I had to stop and think about it.
The only areas where there is noticeable hair left that I have to shave is right around the corners of my mouth ( if that makes sense ) And I can probably go a day or 2 with out shaving that now . I do not have to work or do anything tomorrow so I will see how comfortable I am NOT shaving it .

Bikini Area: Noticeable change here as well . Shaving is required only once a week maybe ? In fact that last time I shaved was the treatment before this last one and I was just starting to get some stubble this treatment.

Stomach: Only 2 treatments in on this area . So probably not a lot of change yet .

All and All I am really happy with the progress.

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