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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Laser Hair Removal Treatment #8

I am a little late on this treatment , things have been crazy lately ( I'll update later) .
So this treatment I did on setting 4 I guess you would call it on the Silk N SenseEpil laser hair removal system .
I did my Chin , upper lip , bikini area and my under arms . I also added a new area to my treatment . To spare you to many details as you know the PCOS i have causes excess hair in places you do not really want it . Well, one of those places is your stomach.
Lots of women get a dark hair line when they get pregnant. Mine never went away.
Its something that has bothered me for a long time. Its something no one else see's because of my weight gain I have the ever so lovely "Apron" as they call it .
But its something that bothers me. SO I went ahead and zapped that sucker tonight. What the heck huh ?

I have learned a little trick ....
After a few zaps as I call them the bulb seems to get a little hot. That in my opinion is what hurts , or causes the discomfort . If you will wait about 10 seconds between zaps when it starts to get hot it seems to help that issue.

My results so far , i'll go by area:
My bikini area ( I am starting with just the inner thigh ( where your inner thigh meets your well you know LOL )
I have noticed a big change there. I do not have to shave near as often . I would say Once a week IF that ! That's HUGE for me . To not have to shave at least every other day .

My Under Arms: I know this may sounds odd but the hair on the upper part of my under arms seems to be nearly gone . The lower part I have to shave it probably once a week as well .

My upper lip: I could probably get a way with only shaving this once a week as well.
This is a hard one for me to get use to and judge because its such an obvious area on my face I think everyone can see if there are hairs there even if there are now.

My Chin: Again hard for my to judge because of the area and being self conscious. But safely I think I could go w/ out shaving this but 2 times a week . This may not seem like a big deal to you but for me HUGE ! To not have to shave my chin every DAY is huge .

My over all impression on the progress. VERY VERY VERY encouraged. I feel like the Silk N SenseEpil is working, its making good progress and I am more than happy with it thus far.

My next update I plan on ( If I can remember counting how many zaps It takes each treatment. I think it would be good for people to know how many zaps they can get out of each cartridge . I plan on ordering a new one soon , with my coupon from the company !
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