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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Treatment #4 Laser Hair Removal

I did another treatment of the Silk N SenseEpil Laser hair removal system tonight. Since I was told by the people at Silk N SenseEpil that it would be ok with excessive hair growth that is cause by the PCOS to use the machine every week , I went ahead and did it a week apart .

This time I used level "3" I guess you could call it, the light was on the 3rd bar. I treated my upper lip , chin , under arms as well as my bikini area . ( I have only treated the bikini area twice). The treatment on some area's stung a little bit more than the other setting . It did not hurt .

I have noticed a small difference in the hair growth . It does not seem as coarse either. I would say there is a 10-20% difference since I started the treatment. Nothing major but just a little. Next week Im going to bump the laser up one more level. I believe there are 5 . I may try one under arm at 4 and if that is ok I will try the highest. I think I will get the most results the fastest with the highest setting.


  1. I was asked to come on to the Doctor's tv show last year to try the Silk'n and get one for free. I could not go, because I was pregnant. So... Me and my 2 sister in laws decided to each buy one, off the main Silk'n website, during the Valentine day sale. It was $499.00 but it came with 4 light cartridges. If you can't afford the full price, then you can make monthly payments of $100 til it's paid off. Some may find it a problem that you have to keep replacing the light cartridge, which is about $50. With one cartridge I was able to do both my legs (ankle to upper thighs), arms (wrists to elbows), whole face (I have peach fuzz) and both arm pits. I think it more than pays for itself after just one treatment. I had 90% less hair after just one treatment. But, it's different for everyone. You must stick to the treatment schedule and do at least 7 treatment to get to all the stages of hair growth. You also might have to do touch up treatments on it from time to time. Unfortunately, it does not work on blond hair. It seems to see what is dark and burns it. So... it actually can't be used on black skin either. It will scorch it. I have beige/tan skin and black hair and it works great on me. Trust me, it is the same exact results as in the professional places. My 2 sister in laws have been going for over a year and I got the same result as they did with the Silk's. This was truly the best investment I have ever made.

  2. Since I have PCOS I fully expect it to take probably twice as long as the "normal" person.
    I am seeing results to I am encouraged, I went to my ob's office and got 12 treatments and did not see this kind of results, I agree w/ you best investment i ever made !