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Monday, January 10, 2011

At Home Laser Hair Removal .... My Progress

Well I did another treatment last night , This time on my under arms.
The first treatment I did 2 weeks before this on the lowest setting.
I was doing some more reading and some users of the Silk N Sense Epil were saying its better to have a days worth of "hair" before using it instead of having just shaved like the literature says. So I tried that this time.
The second setting under the arms was a bit more sensitive than the first one in some area's . Mainly just in the "bend" of your arm if that makes sense .
Other than that, no biggie. I wish I could find out if its ok to use it every week.
See my previous posts about Laser Hair Removal.


  1. Hey, I got a Groupon for Laser Hair removal. Only 3 treatments. Sounds like that won't be enough. Well, like you, I'd be happy even if all I get is a slow down in the growth.

  2. no it probably wont be enough . I went through my doctors office before surgery and did 12 sessions and it did nothing !
    The one im using days to expect some results after 4 or 6 treatments I think . Granted the laser is not as strong. But I know lots of people who have gone and most have not seen in results in less than like 6. BUT hey that's 3 you dont have to pay for. I FULL Expect to use this for a year ... Really .
    But im good w/ that , thats the benefit of having it at home.

  3. Wow! This is great. I heard that laser hair removal is considered a permanent hair removal.
    Well, I would loved to have this permanent hair removal.
    I want to remove this unwanted hair on my underarms and bikini lines. Hope this will be the solution to my problem.

  4. If I were going to go spend the money at a spa or something for laser hair removal I would not spend the money to do my under arms .Since I have the system at Home I decided to do my under arms and Bikini area as well. If that works out i'll spend the time and extra money for lights on my legs !