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Saturday, January 8, 2011

At Home Laser Hair Removal .... My Progress

My awesome family got me the Silk'n Sense Epil for Christmas . I decided since I have an awful memory I should probably blog about it for a few reasons. For 1 so I remember when I did my treatments. For 2 so I can report on the progress and 3 several of my friends want to know how it is working.
Im also blogging about it because it is actually weight loss related.

One reason it was so hard for me to lose weight is because I have PCOS . ( Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) One thing PCOS causes is excess weight gain and excess facial hair. I dont have "normal" facial hair like a little lip hair around the sides of my lip, I have it on my chin as well and on my entire upper lip and lucky me its dark hair. Probably the ONLY health issue, side affect etc that did NOT Clear up after my band surgery is the excess facial hair.

Its one of the most embarrassing issues of my life. Its awful y'all. I have to carry a razor in my purse in case I forget before I leave the house . My kids are quick to point out ( Boys of course ) "Mom you need to shave " . Laser hair removal treatments are SO expensive.

SO my husband got an unexpected bonus for Christmas and I BEGGED and I do mean BEGGED him for this ..

Now about the Machine ...
There are actually 2 good ones on the market right now . This one and another one . The other one I really wanted because its rechargeable and it does not have a light source like this one . However, you can not use it on your face like this one .
Its called the Tria.
The Silk'n Sense Epil has a light (the laser source) that has to be replaced. I decided I would go ahead and get this one. It says you can use the light on an entire leg , since i only want to use this on my face ( for now ) I thought it will work fine for that for now and I wont have to replace the bulb that often .
See my first 2 treatment progress here.

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