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Friday, June 11, 2010

Product Review for got2be smooth luster lotion

I am a BzzAgent . I received a sample product of got2be smooth luster lotion to try , i thought i would post my findings here for ya'll to enjoy ! :)

My friends and I are always complaining about our hair . We are always trying new hair products.
When we find a product we like we always share it with each other and we usually swear by it and tell the other one the other person has to try it or their product stinks, its quite funny . So when I got the got2b smooth luster lotion in the mail with my bzz kit I was excited to tell my best friend about it . The got2b smooth lotion works really great . You simply apply it to damp or dry hair then style as usual. Or in my case go as usual. I am a " wash and go " type of girl. So the easier the product the better. The got2b smooth lotion makes me hair so smooth and soft , almost too clean and soft. I gave some of the samples to my best friend to try . Her hair is slightly curly and frizzy . She agreed with me . She loves the product and was begging me for some more of the samples that came in my bzz kit. I decided to just give her some of the coupons. Which brings me to my next point. My best friend and I are cheap ! Anything we can get for the cheapest price we will do . So the fact that the got2be smooth product does not cost and arm and a leg to begin with his awesome, throw in a $2.50 off coupon and you cant beat that ! My best friend agreed with that as well. I gave her one of the $2.50 coupons and she was thrilled. We both love the got2b smooth lotion . I think i solved the " too clean" issue by using just a little less product . This is a great product how ever. For the price you cant beat it either.
My best friend already knew I was a bzz agent so was trying to get the " Free" coupon i got for a free bottle of got2b smooth off me ! I told her " NO WAY , go join bzz agent yourself !!!! "

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