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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Momentary Lapse of Mental Capacity !

So something happened last night that freaked me out a little bit. To the point that I am probably going to see a doc about it .
I take Topamax for my migraines, to prevent them, its a strong neurological drug. It can have some strong side affects, one of which is short term memory loss or issues. Which I have , however I deal with it because off the meds I have migraines 5 or more times a week. So I deal.
Its a running joke with me that i cant remember shit !
Last night at my son's football game I got to the field, i was early , but when the team started to warm up I thought " are they in their practice jersies they dont look right " . So i asked one of the parents " what team is that " they said " A team " I said " WHAT A Team " She said " Freshman" Ok so im thinking, my son's team is suppose to me next . Why is Freshman warming up ?
So then i looked at my schedule in my purse ( by which i LIVE By if i lose it im lost ) it says "red team is here and Blue team is there " At that momemt I could NOT remember, or process what team my son was on , therefore had NO IDEA where i was suppose to be . I asked another parent, Where is Red playing, it was AWAY AWAY over an hour away from where i was.
NO WAY I could make it. So i finally get the idea to call my son ... "where are you " He says " Im in Elgin ( Where I was ) i said ' are you SURE " he laughs " YES MOM " I asked what time his game was , he said 7:30 ! OK There was the issue. They changed the damn time of the game !!
So anyway .. I am bothered by the fact I could not process information for a short period of time. I am SURE the other parents think im a NUT JOB ! . Last year I was at the Home Field and they were playing away ! My husband says its because i have too much going on ?

I need to look into this. Granted some of it is the meds, some if it might now be ?


  1. i dont want to be a negative nicole but i do want to offer some advice. my husband's ex-wife had migraines for years and she was on drugs to help with them as well. turns out after years and years of headaches that she had brain cancer. i sure hope your docs have done CTs and MRIs. her's never did and now she's paying for it with her life.

  2. Yes I have had CT's and MRI's . Anytime my migraine patterns change i get one. So they can see if anything has changed from when i first started getting them to now.
    I have always thought that having that much pressure on your brain for as many years as i have ( since i was 11 ) cant be done and not have it affect you .
    Thanks Nichole !

  3. The Topomax will definitely do that to you. I took it and had to stop because of that side effect. My doctor said its nickname is Dope-omax. But if its the lesser of two evils, I can see why you take it. Good luck!

  4. yeah my doc calls it dopeamax too. I have been taking some magnesium and some other supplements to see if they help.
    I think it gets worse when im tired, stressed and have a lot going on .
    So if i can avoid all of those espically at ONE TIME its better.