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Monday, June 8, 2009

RePost: FOLLOW Docs Orders

Let me start by saying this orginally was posted from reading something on a message board. So please dont tell me i was being bitchy . LOL well ok i was . BUT This CANT Be more important of an issue to me NOW after slipping my band ! If i had not waited to see my doc ( Followed his advice and my own It would never have happened ) . So shame on me ! LOL

This is a bit of a hot button issue for me. Since i believe that following docs orders is Essential in the success of your band .
There are a few things that I think are THE MOST Important things you can do to ensure the safety and longevity of your band .
#1 on that list of MINE ( remember just my opinon based on what i have done and what has gotten me this far to this point)
Following your docs advice during the 6 week post op diet !!!
what does that mean to me ?
It means
1. Do NOT Advance your diet with OUT speaking to your doc first.
Look we all KNOW how hard it is to go for weeks at at time w/ liquids, especially those who were on liquid diets pre op . BUT The pre op diet is there for a reason . that reason ?
The reason your docs do not want you to eat for a certain amount of time (NOT MY OPINION this is fact ) is to allow your stomach to heal, form scar tissue around the band in order for your band to anchor itself . There for allowing the best possible life and longevity of your band. = A better chance you will not slip !!

I hear " Im listening to my body and its telling me to eat !OF COURSE it is .
If you are listening to your body and its telling you to eat, your feeling ill what ever and you FEEL you HAVE TO eat something, move to protein shakes, CALL YOUR DOC . MOST docs will allow you to move on to something else or add something to your diet. BUT GET THEIR PERMISSION FIRST . I think this is important for 2 reasons.
A. So that the docs KNOWS you advanced the diet
B. If your having any issues the docs knows about that , and if issues come up down the road the doc knows the diet was advanced and has that info on hand .

I also hear " Well I advanced my diet early you will be fine " Or " Just chew chew chew "
REALLY !! Again there is a reason for the diet, its to make sure your stomach does not start "working" too soon . And giving someone else permission , validation , reason to do the same because someone else "Cheated" Is wrong just wrong.

Ive been accused of being mean, rude, tough love because of how strongly i feel about this .
SORRY Its just how i feel. I Believe POST OP DIET ( meaning during the first 6 wk healing phase after surgery ) Should NOT be advanced on your own !! PERIOD !!

NOW THAT being said. AFTER your on solids per your doc instructions does that mean I dont eat stuff i should not ? Well that depends on how you look at things !
I eat what i want when i want. I am not on a diet now nor will i ever be again . That's why i got the band to start with .
95 % of the time I eat VERY Healthy . TONS Of Veggies , Lots of protein , still probably need to work on getting more water. That being said. When I want something sweet , i eat it .
BUT I do not eat sweets often . a few times a month at most.
Do I feel guilty for it when i do . ABSOLUTELY NOT . DO i realize not everyone can do this . YES My point . After you have healed I do not even consider it "cheating" its just a slip , we all slip , move past it move on , and the next hour is a new day .
But do not look for much sympathy from me if your cheating on your post op diet, . Will I continue to give ANYONE who needs support support. YOU BET !! I am not perfect, do not claim to be , do not want to be.
I am on message boards like to help , pay it forward if you will.
Those who were banded before me helped me in my times of need ( Still do ) And i would like to do the same.
But my philosophy with my friends , online or off is this :
IT DOES NO GOOD TO TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR , I WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR !!! real friends in my opinion will do that .
Do i say things the wrong way sometimes ? YES , Im sure i do . I do not mean to . I do .
Anyway that's my issue for the day !!!




    Psst, I think you want to fix this: "SORRY Its just how i feel. I Believe POST OP DIET ( meaning during the first 6 wk healing phase after surgery ) Should [[I think you want NOT here]] be advanced on your own !! PERIOD !!"

    I get so sick and tired of reading people on the boards who are two or three days out and eating cheeseburgers. It really pisses me off to see them say that when other newbies are coming on and looking for validation or permission to do the same.

    And I swear, if I found out later on that one of them slipped their band, I would be doing as much neener neenering as I could. Idiots.

  2. LOL thanks Beth , I fixed that one part. Thanks for pointing that out to me . .