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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Howdy , A few Things

Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. I try to read what i can on everyone's blog.
Still working on the affording the internet . I really hate this ! Not being able to blog and read everyone's blog is getting to me. We are moving in June and I am going to try to go through my house this week, see what we have and see if i cant get enough money to pay off my internet bill to turn it back on , horrible isnt it that's a priority to me lol.
I go to the doc this Thursday for a check up on my band. Still on liquids . Im doing okay . I get hungry and I drink something or get some soup.
I have had to lay off the milk shakes , i have managed to gain some weight.

My grand parents are here , they are the only people in the world who dont know about my surgery . My parents told me before they got here " You need to tell them about your surgery since you cant eat, they will think you are like your SIL and are anorexic now " I told them " FINE I never was hiding my surgery from them , you were the ones that thought they were too stupid to understand it "SO I get to my mom's and they have already told them . My grandma tells me " SURE HOPE YOU dont get anorexic now " THEN After I told her i was having some issues and could not eat anything but liquids she ( I KID YOU NOT ) Pulls out a damn DONUT puts it under my nose and says ' LOOK MINDY YOU WANT IT " . I looked at her and with a go to hell look and said " NO I Dont want it NOR CAN I HAVE IT WITH OUT IT POSSIBLY HURTING ME RIGHT NOW " She chuckled. WTF ? I just walked away .

So anyway . I am still alive and kicking ya'll. Just a little aggervated after nearly 3 weeks of no food i guess LMAO

Talk to ya'll soon !
Miss ya !


  1. Oh, wow... what's with grandma?? Wow. I'm sorry about that, and I hope and pray the internet fairy comes along and gives you service. I miss seeing you online more.

  2. Thanks Beth. To be honest I have not figured out if my grandma is just rude, does not care of just does not listen . She's one of those "Christians" that can be very mean and claim to care , if that makes sense.
    If that had been anyone else with that donut i would have shoved it straight up their ASS !!!!
    I was FURIOUS !! NEVER EVER would I do that to someone !

    I hope the internet fairy comes along too !!! Cause I sure miss talking, commenting and reading everyone's blogs, I feel useless right now !@

  3. You constantly amaze me Mindy - I have no idea how on earth you can still be sane and be on liquids for so long - you are my thinspiration girl! There are things I would have done to that doughnut (not to mention ur grandma) that I could not write about for fear of arrest - you truly are the Queen of self restraint. Wont even comment on the "kind hearted" christians - cant go there. Good luck with getting the internet back on - your absence is very noted. BTW - I was catching up on some blogs the other day and someone saw your pics over my shoulder and they freaked and were totally stunned at your progress!