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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The 411 and all that Jazz since I have been gone !

Ok so I am back in cyber space thank GAWD ! Trying to check my emails from my razor NOT Fun ! Those were the times i wish i had not traded in my black berry and wished my SON was not the one with the iPhone !

So here is what's going on .... The birthday sleep over/party . Party went well.
Had about 6 boys here which was a good number. Just my parents and 1 good friend and my son's girlfriend and her mom was here ( Her mom and i have become friends HA gotta love that ). I'll tell more on a friend who did not come to the party later .
So the "party" ends and the sleep over begins , a couple boys left and there were 4 kids that were spending the night.
Okkkkk. I dont drink , but A NICE STIFF drink was in order. I have NEVER in my life wanted to beat someone else's child in my life the way I wanted to one that was here. And to make it even lovelier it was my neighbor's kid !
The other 2 boys are great, nice polite kids , just great kids. The 3 of the boys would have been WONDERFUL ! But this one kid is one of those who is RIGHT ALL THE TIME, KNOW"S EVERYTHING and is just SO GOOD AT EVERYTHING BETTER THAN YOU ARE !
They could not do Any Thing with out him starting an argument . His parents were at a funtion otherwise i would have sent his ass home . He was bullying the other children , taking things from them , throwing them up in the tree's. i got these glow sticks so the kids could play in the back yard and run around w/ them and have fun at night. He kept taking them and throwing them in the tree's.
Now this kids parents is one of those " my kids SO freaking smart kids " and I Know 50% of how he acts is thanks to them.
He's in the gifted and talented program at school, she said something to me the other night a bout him spending 3 HOURS doing home work. (He's in 3rd grade !!! ) i told her " ya know if he's spending 3 hours doing home work something is very wrong , district guidelines state they should only spend 10 minutes per grade level , i think maybe you should speak to someone about that, maybe his work is too hard " She right off" OH NO He's in GT its not too hard he's just lazy " I told her " WELL I thought that about my son too and found out he was dyslexic ! My point, no child needs to sit and TRY To do homework for 3 hours period a note would be sent to the teacher saying " SORRY NOT happening " She did not listen to me . SO anyway to my point. She comes to pick him up from the party the next am and says " SO was he good"
Humm how do I answer that ? I just said " OH YEAH Besides waking everyone else up in the house at 530 AM he was fine " DH got mad at me and said " YOU should have told her her son is a BULLY , argues with you , is disrespectful and cant play with other children " I said WELL that did not come to my mind at that moment. So I am not sure if i should say anything now or not ?

So that's that. NOW I have been trying really hard to get out of my depression I am in . Its all related to money , or the lack of it . I still cant find a job . But it is what it is. We'll make it one way or another im sure.
So I got an email from one of the booster club mom's at my son's high school. It said they needed a new Track Coordinator and someone to help with a festival coming up. Because of my weight over the yrs my son's freshman yr i did NOTHING to get involved w/ the sports program or the other moms to help do stuff.
So before football season i decided i was not going to sit back and be a spectator parent this yr. SO I went to the booster club meeting and volunteered to be the new Track and Field Coordinator . And to help with the Annual Wiener Dog Race Booth.
That is right the wiener dog race booth ! LOL
So im hoping that will help keep me busy , give me something to do and motivate me to get out of my funk .

On to my weight loss . My band got SO damn tight, i had to go off my wellbutrin for a week or so and i think that had a lot to do with it . If i had the money to go in back then I would have probably gone in for a slight unfill.
BUT Im glad i did not now. It has loosened up a bit and now its a pretty darn good fill. I dont think i know anyone else who can go since 11/06 was my last fill then got a slight unfill a month later and NOW still not need a fill because my band has seemingly filled itself LOL or that's what it feels like LOL
My band is something else that's for sure.
So im down about 136-137 now . So that's a good 3-5 pd weight loss. So Im happy with that.

I think that's about it i wont bore you with any more .
Thanks for listening !!! I have missed ya'll ~

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  1. So glad your fill situation is sorted - that'll be me soon! Totally understand the money induced depression - its a shame it has the power to do that to us but it is such an important factor in life these days. Good for you for volunteering and gettin busy - best thing for the funk. Idle hands make the devils work! Welcome back! Missed You!