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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oprah PLEASE !!! Give me a break !! (A Vent)

Ok i must vent a bit. Sometimes I like Oprah ,most times i dont. But NOW I dont like her , Why ? Because the Red Sea is parting because she's admitting she's Fat again ? NO SHIT Sherlock !!! NOW Dont get me wrong , Im not hating ... What i have an issue about it EVERYONE ( Including her) making a big freaking deal out of the fact that she's Acknowledged it .
Ok here is the article !! Read for yourself !

Ok here are my issues.
When Oprah is thin she acts like the way she got thin is the ONLY way to get thin and everyone else is wrong for how they lost weight.
She has done NOTHING but negatives for WLS and for what it can do for people.
I think had she not stuck her foot in her mouth there she would have had some form of surgery by now . But NOW she CANT or she will look STUPID .

She acts as though we should give her an Emmy for admitting what thousands of other people do every day about their weight. Because your OPRAH should we say " OH GOOD FOR YOU , YOur so BRAVE " NO Kiss my ass on that. Your not different than ANYONE that came before you . I have no issue w/ what ever you weight, when ever you weight it. But I'll be DAMNED if when you get thin your going to sit here and preach to ME that WLS is a scam, dangerous, and all the other CRAP You do . Yet you over the yrs can go on your show and brag about DIET AFTER DIET AFTER DIET YOU have gone on .
I call BULL SHIT O !!!

The SOONER everyone else realizes O is just like everyone else maybe the sooner SHE WILL !!!

SO here is your chance .... So your 200 lbs again ... WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD , Something YOUR MONEY CANT FIX !!!!

Someone on a group im on wrote this :
P.S. Thank you Oprah for speaking your truth and sharing your story. Your words resonate deeply with millions of people and serve to motivate positive change in the world. You are a most precious gift to the universe!

SERIOUSLY ??? Are you kidding me ? No offense to the Author of this , But WHY ? Every single person i come in contact w/ every day is a gift to the universe because of the struggles they have and ADMIT TO on a message board. yet OPRAH is because she said it in front of people to get more publicity and more MONEY ? Yes she's so noble ? I think im going to go throw up now !


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