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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ladies and Maybe some Men ... I give you my ASS .....

In a size 7 designer jeans !!! WOO HOO ! LMAO

I have to admit this is the first picture i have taken that I see myself as SmallER , not tiny but SMALL !!!

I went to a really cool consignment shop today with my sister. I really have fallen in love w/ expensive jeans since losing weight . But im too cheap to buy them .
Plus I love deals and would rather get a deal on them then buy full price.
WELL , Today i got a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans for $19.50 ( retails for around $150)
and a pair of Chip and Pepper ( Never heard of them until today ) for $20.00 They retail for about $150 too .
THEN yesterday my sisters friend, Her aunt owned a boutique that was going out of business ( did you follow that ) and i got 2 pairs of designer jeans ( Blue Cult and Big Star ) for $100 for both of them , those were a little more expensive, but SO worth it. So i am set for jeans for a while !!!


  1. Sorry, I removed the first one because I actually read your posting. Here's what I said:

    OMG!!! Okay, I'm not gay or anything, but your ass is HOT!!! You've done SO well! Let's hear it for the ass!!!!

    I removed it because I couldn't edit, but OMG, you see yourself as smallER?? Hon, you are my dream idol! Even at my thinnest (and I was in good shape), the smallest size I had ever worn was an 8. You look fan-freakin-tastic!! Hopefully you'll see what I see. SmallER my ass (no pun) -- you are da bomb!

  2. OH Beth , I am not Gay but I LOVE YOU ! LOL Keep those compliments coming I certainly can use them !
    Its very odd how the head does not catch up w/ the body .
    People tell me" your small or tiny" and I Dont see that . I am seeing SmallER now . I dont see a fat person anymore , But im finally starting to be happy w/ who i see.
    That's why i took a picture of myself from the back LOL I do it ( take pics of myself ) In nearly everything i buy ! I know im odd.
    But thanks your SO SO SO VERY SWEET !

  3. Damn you look freaking AMAZING!!! I hope one day I can look that good. What an inspiration! I was just sitting here groaning about having to be on pre-op diet during time I get cranky about it, I'll look at your pics.

  4. OH Michele ! Ya'll are making me cry tonight !
    Let me tell you this band has been SO WORTH IT. iF you have read my blog you have seen i have had some "issues" But even w/ that I would not trade ONE DAY with my band.
    Even w/ having to on the pr op diet thru Christmas you wont regret the band !
    Hang in there girl !