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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Food

Well Christmas is almost over and I am here to say im glad.
I did not have much spirit this yr between the economy hurting us and not looking forward to gaining any weight.
I am SO Glad i did not take my doc up on totally unfilling me for the holidays ( Although I dont think he REALLY would have done it ) Because im as close as you can get right now with out being totally unfilled.
Its been hard ! Real hard. I COULD if i wanted eat bread, pasta, rice ect.
I have restriction , a little , its not much , if i push it its there.
But im really trying not to , i dont want to gain a bunch of weight being this close.
I want the scale to stay at least at or under 140 if i can ! I WILL NOT , Hear me people , I will NOT GO over 140 ! Why do I always get unfills at or near holidays or vacations , that kind of crap ? UGHH.
Luckily my parents did not go TOO over board on junk this yr . The holidays remind me JUST how much of a grazer i am !
I made brownies that was it and i left them over at my parents house LOL
So back on the Wii i go !!!

I hope everyone else had a great time and the food was not too much of an issue for them !

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