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Monday, October 27, 2008

Seriously LOOSEN IT UP !!

Ok i know im not perfect and this is not what this vent is about . I am not trying to say I am and other are wrong. This is Simple Band 101 !!
I think i may have even posted something like this before . But i am GONNA DO IT Again.
I do not know if this issue is due to lack of Doctor education or lack of patients listening or patients not caring or hell maybe a combo of all the above.

But answer this ? WHY IN THE HELL Do people INSIST on keeping their bands SO DAMN TIGHT that they :
1. Can barely eat
2. Get heart burn
3. cant eat but one meal a day .
4. have to live on mushies.

Does this sound like FUN to you rational people out there ?
HONESTLY ? Is this why you got banded ? Hell i could have lost SOME Weight with out the band doing that shit ! I dont know about you but ever over weight person I know and ME being a former fat person LIKES TO EAT . That does not change.
SO why in the hell would you get banded to STARVE yourself for one !
I do not GET THIS CONCEPT at all ?
And to hear" But im losing weight though " WHO GIVES A FLYING SHIT " You can lose weight using the band the way it was intended and THAT WAS NOT TO STARVE YOURSELF I PROMISE YOU THAT .
Ok your losing weight at what cost ?
your losing weight and in the process your band is so tight :
1. your risking a slip
2. you might be causing a slip as you speak
3. You cant eat hardly anything
4. you have to live on soups
5. hair will start falling out cause your becoming malnourished
6. you COULD cause an erosion
7. At the VERY least you will have to have a TOTAL Unfill and that will cause you to possibly GAIN WEIGHT because then you can eat what ever the HELL You want .

My point ?? There is NO REAON or need to do that to yourself.
its that freaking simple !!!

Again I am NOT Perfect , But i will be DAMNED If i cant keep soild foods down or i cant eat them comfortably my ass is IN MY DOCS OFFICE getting a slight unfill.

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