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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Friday I will head back to Dallas to have a EDG , they will stick a camera down my throat to see if my lap band has eroded through my stomach .A scary thought right now . I have a friend who just last night was in the ER and ended up being admitted to have her band removed via emergency surgery . Turns out her band had slipped so badly it was starting to adhere to her liver , a portion of her liver had to be removed as well.

If my band is not eroded I'll be SHOCKED !

I came across these pictures today and thought It would help explain my situation a little better.

The Above picture is one of a normal lap band  the band is what the arrows are pointing at . The white you see is the barium . The barium should go through like if you poured water through a napkin ring . No problems .
The above picture is that of a band with issues, basically what my band looks like. The white you see the arrows pointing at is the barium . It just sits on top of the band ( marked B ) my will eventually trickle through the band .

Every now and then I am able to eat "solid" foods like potatoes and even real solid food. But after the doctor saw this he was not sure how that wast even possible.

So I thought it might help to see some pictures of what bad and " good" bands look like !
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