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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pictures for Laser Hair Removal

So it seems a few people want to see pictures of my progress with the Silk N SenseEpil Laser hair removal system.
Ive tried to take a few pictures and its kind of hard to tell since its of my chin. So im going to try this weekend and maybe try my under arms. I know gross huh ? LOL

I am very happy though . Silk N SenseEpil emailed me on Facebook and sent me a coupon code to help me get more light cartridges. I am excited because I know its going to take some time for me ( or I think , i might be pleasantly surprised ) to get results , so i'll need all the help I can get !
You can google "SensEpil coupon" for coupon codes !

The cartridges are not as expensive as I thought they might be . Since I am doing my face it should not take too many of them .
See pictures here !

This is what they look like .

Light Cartridges.

Let me figure out how to get some pictures to show up and I'll post my progress.


  1. I am 5'7'' and weighed 318 at my highest point. At the time i decided to have surgery i weighed 298. I am slowing working down the scale and haven't felt this good since my mid 20's. I'm 43 right now and within 10 pounds of my pre-pregancy weight of 195.